Switch Plungers
Switch plungers are here and in stock
Aluminum material in standard machined finish and black anodized, 9.99 and 10.99 respectively
Thank you everyone who was patient waiting for these while I’ve been 3D printing them
I will no longer be making 3D printed plunger mechanisms 
All of my most recent removable chassis designs were designed with these plungers in mind, but they can be used in any other install where possible and space allows
Intended for all 12mm AV switch holes, the widest part of these are 14mm to account for the recessed area around the hole itself on most of the common hilts that use them
For anyone who has my 3D printed versions of these, I will give those people an opportunity to buy them for $5 each with free shipping within the US(international is extra, sorry)
As a thank you for your business. If you do want to go that route please send me a message with the number of plungers you have and would like replacements for in the desired finish
I will only ask that you send a picture of what you have in your possession as proof of purchase
Or, you can just buy them straight from the store 

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