LEAD TIMES: Approx. 3-4 months as of 7/28/2021 SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON VOLUME Please note this is an estimated timeline for new work and is not a guarantee for the work to be done before that time

LABOR INSTALL RATES: (These are starting prices and do not include various add ons or parts cost)

-CFX-$300 for normal two switch operation $290 for single switch operation
-Proffie-$250 for normal two switch operation,$240 for single switch operation
Note: Proffie installs are preloaded and configured board installs, configuration and changes are the customers responsibility
-GoldenHarvestV3-$210 for normal two switch operation $200 for single switch operation
-KR Sabers Verso-$210 for two switch operation $200 for single switch operation

I also offer installs using removable chassis meant to be used for most modular hilts such as from Saberforge and Ultrasabers.

-1" trans white thin walled neopixel blades, any length $110
-7/8" trans white thin walled neopixel blades, any length $125
-any accent led(includes switches) $10 each
-installs that utilize a crystal chamber $50
-Bluetooth module installation $40
-Battery chargers (price ranges from $5 to $11)
-KR Pixel stick(Neopixel blade)-1” blade $155
-KR pixel stick(Neopixel blade)-7/8” blade $165


Powdercoating rates: $25 per color per part
Example: If your hilt is made of three parts, total hilt cost would be $75 to powdercoat all three pieces.

-Heavy weathering $50
-medium weathering $40
-light weathering $30


INSTALL POLICIES: (see attached Google document)



Commission procedures and policies:
Please read all information prior to booking your commission with me here at SithLord Sabers LLC.

Estimated quotes available upon request; however please note these are not usually exact prices and subject to change based on exact parts cost.

Upon deciding to book a commission I will send you an invoice via Paypal with your preferred Paypal email on file. Also please make sure your shipping address is correct on your Paypal account as I use this for my return shipping.

Paypal invoices are broken down as follows:

-Install labor cost: this will include a description of the board that is being installed into your hilt
-parts cost: this will be a breakdown of the total parts cost needed to install your hilt with the desired specifications, includes thing such as soundboards, batteries, switches, etc.
-extra add ons: for any add ons desired for the commission as outlined in the pinned post pricing, these will be shown here.
-powdercoating: for any powdercoating added to the commission, number of colors and description of colors used will be shown here as well as well as total cost
-return shipping: shipping cost will be included on the invoice, customers will have the option to purchase additional shipping insurance as well. USPS Priority is my shipping method
-Paypal fees: paypal fees based on the total cost of all items will be included, percentage depends on buyer location(3.5% for US and 4.5% for international)

Upon receiving your invoice, minimum due upfront for all commissions is total parts cost for the build. Your commission spot will not be booked until this has been paid. I will provide all parts necessary for your commission unless you would like to provide your own. Please note that I will not use used parts for any of my installations for quality purposes.

Customers will be notified when the hilt has arrived, as well as any updates pertaining to the commission itself. Customers will be given a one week notice when their commission is about to be worked on. Commissions are worked on a first come first serve basis based on your queue on the commission list. 

FINAL PAYMENT- prior to commission completion I ask that customers pay off their remaining balance before the commission is complete. I will not ask customers to do this until I have notified them that the commission is about to be worked on. Thus the time to completion after full payment is relatively short. If you do not think you will be able to make final payment at that time, please let me know so I can move on to the next customer in the queue.

Customers will be provided a basic video tutorial of their completed hilt with basic operation and handling instructions.


All commissions include a 30 day warranty upon receiving your commission back. This includes any issues out of the box, non functioning parts, etc. Warranties do not include user mishandling of the product, such as tampering with wires, components, or any other part being used or handled outside of its intended purpose. Common component failures such as speaker replacement will be covered free of charge. User damage to the install or any other components as a result from user error are subject to standard reinstall fees if necessary along with any associated parts cost and return shipping. 


International customers are responsible for additional shipping cost associated with their location. Buyers can declare the desired item value, however in doing so waive their right to a full insurance claim amount in doing so. I take no responsibility in international customs delays or procedures. International buyers also must pay the additional Paypal fees (4.5% compared to 3.5) I use USPS International shipping service unless specifically requested otherwise


If for some reason you need or wish to cancel your commission, please send me a message with a brief explanation of why if possible. If work has already begun on your commission I can not offer a refund. For all other commissions that have not begun, full refund or parts/work not started will be issued. For any builds that require custom parts such as third party work or custom chassis specifically designed for your build, those will not be refunded and sent back with your hilt. Customers are still responsible for returning shipping costs on all cancelled commissions.