1” Neopixel Blade KR Sabers Strips


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1” Neopixel blade made using KR Sabers V2 Neopixel strips

These strips are designed specially for Neopixel lightsabers

Brighter and more uniform than most current market led strips

Made for show purposes only, these are not rated for dueling and do not come with any warranty for misuse of the product

Sanded blade materials made from trans white blade stock from The Custom Saber Shop, shine through parabolic tip, diffusion foam and tubing and standard Neopixel pin connector PCB Will work for any 1” emitter sized saber configured and installed for Neopixel Item is available in either 32" or 36". When configuring your ledstrip count for programming, use 122 as the number for the 32" and 132 for the 36" length.

No other lengths available Please make sure your saber can use a Neopixel blade before purchasing

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