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3D printed lightsaber install chassis to hold electronics. Item is made from PLA + filament in standard black color

Chassis is approximately 6" in length, with the 1.1" OD area by the speaker pod. The rest of the chassis is 1" in diameter(Applies only to 1.1" size chassis, 1" chassis variation is 1" the entire length)

This is meant for modular hilts such as from Saberforge and to utilize a switch plunger mechanism

Please note your hilt must be able to have some kind of switch hole to use this product. The chassis retention method is meant to utilize the hilt's heatsink retention screw. If your hilt does not have one, a retention screw can always be added in the appropriate area.

Chassis is designed for the following electronic parts.

-CFX soundboard-installed USB side up

-18650 battery-Keeppower 3000mah 15A recommended for install, also is the item that comes with the kit

-Shtok Custom Works short pin Eco PCB- I do not recommend long pins for this chassis

-28mm bass speaker for 1.1" chassis, 22mm speaker for 1" chassis

-Positive and negative battery contacts(provided with the chassis)

-Brass tactile switches 5mmx5mmx1.5mm height

Item is available in the following setups:

-Empty chassis with battery contacts, and selected number of switches 

-Empty chassis with complete parts kit, will include CFX, battery, speaker, desired number of switches and Shtok PCB w/pins(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

-Fully installed chassis using parts listed above, ready to be used with your saber and matching number of switch plungers with the desired number of switches on the install.

FULLY INSTALLED CHASSIS NOTE TO BUYERS I will usually send you a message after purchase to confirm the hilt you will be using in order to figure out the proper switch placement along the switch channel

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