7/8" Neopixel Blade


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7/8” diameter Neopixel blade
Made from transwhite blade stock material, thin walled
Uses a shine through parabolic tip, and blade PCB and holder from the Custom Saber Shop
Data line resistor built into the blade, so you do not need one for your Neopixel hilt
This blade is intended to work for neo pixel lightsabers only. Please verify you have the correct type of board installed and correct emitter size to accommodate a 7/8” size blade
Blades are sanded for better light diffusion.
Depending on your hilt, some sanding may be required for a proper fit due to different emitter tolerances
All blades are tested before shipping to ensure top quality and performance, rated for light to medium contact
Blade material breaks such as cracks and tip breakage not covered under warranty or refunds

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