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Introducing the first SithLord Sabers production run hilt, The Menace.
The Menace combines design elements of The Old Republic with original concepts to create a one of a kind hilt to add to your collection. 
Featuring fierce serrated blades, and a unique pyramid-esque layouts of switch plungers, this hilt has a pleasantly surprising ergonomic feel for either single or two handed use.
With detachable blades and a blank slate that begs for customization, you can truly make The Menace one to call your own. With add on features such as various soundboard options for installation, powdercoating, weathering, leather wraps, and etching, the possibilities are endless. Each Menace also includes a free custom blade plug with your order.

Install options include CFX, Proffie, and GoldenHarvestV3
Currently only offered in neopixel setups
Additional add ons include leather wraps, powdercoating, weathering, and third party etching. You can also choose a bluetooth module add on with your installation for Bluetooth pairing using the ForceSync app or via RICE program for CFX installs
Hilts are installed with a removable chassis and a two button function for each board installation. 
All installs have a removable battery option as well as a killswitch feature for cycling power. 
For neopixel connections, we use ShtokCustomWorx PCB's for emitter illumination even without a blade inserted. All hilts take a 1" blade
We have a large selection of various powdercoating colors and options, and can work with you to determine the look you want for your hilt. For specific customization requests, please send the shop a message regarding your order. The default option for adding powdercoating is for single color pricing only, additional colors and specific layouts is additional cost depending on the type of color. For average pricing reference, please see our commission pricing for estimated cost of custom projects. 
The price shown below is for the empty hilt only(while supplies last) 
For full install pricing, please go to our 'Sabers' section of the store to choose your package options

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