ECO Saber LGT Saber Core


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Chassis solution for ECO sabers and LGT hilts, which use 1” inner diameters for their hilts and a recharge port/AV switch solution
This chassis is 1” in diameter, and approx. 7.5” in length
Can hold the following electronics(not included with empty chassis purchases)
-CFx soundboard
-ShtokCustomWorx Neopixel connector for short pins
-12mm AV switch
-2.1mm recharge port
-22mm Veco speaker
-18650 button top battery(high amp recommended)

Empty chassis purchases will include the chassis, and battery contacts

Fully installed versions will include all parts mentioned installed, with choice of available switch led options, and fully configured for the install

Please only use compatible Neopixel blades for this build, and a 4.2V charger for lithium ion batteries when using the recharge port. Battery is inserted with the positive side facing the soundboard

Please refer to the CFX manual for editing or changes to the SD card settings

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