Korbanth Rogue Master Chassis

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Chassis parts for install use on a Korbanth Rogue Master

Chassis comes in 3 pieces

Main chassis body, speaker pod, and Neopixel connector and accent led holder

Chassis is designed for the following components


Battery-18650 removable

Neopixel PCB-Shtok short pin

Killswitch-provided with chassis

Battery contacts-provided with chassis

Speaker-28mm bass speaker

Speaker pod connectors-provided with chassis

Accent led(optional)-3mm

Install notes: 30-32awg recommended for all components except for battery/power connections

22-24AWG recommended for battery/power

Chassis will come 3D printed in black PLA+ filament

Chassis is held in place by set screws in the hilt

PCB holder has an optional hole for an accent led underneath the red jewel bezel of the hilt, sanding of the top of the 3mm accent led is required once it is inserted into the part. Some sanding is required of the Shtok PCB to press fit into the holder

I recommend wiring to the front of the battery contacts when soldering your connections

Chassis include the 3 printed parts, battery contacts, speaker pod connectors, and the killswitch for install

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