KR Sabers Flagship Removable Chassis

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3D printed in black PLA + filament

Fully removable chassis for lightsabers electronics specifically for the KR Sabers Flagship hilt (not intended for any other hilts)

Chassis comes in 3 pieces (switch plunger not included)

Part#1-emitter/PCB holder

Part#2-main chassis body

Part#3-spacer for speaker

Part#1 made for the following parts:

Shtok Custom Works ECO PCB with short pins only

The Custom Saber Blade side PCB, this part will need to be glued onto the bottom after wiring for DIY

Part#2 made for the following parts:

Shtok Custom Works ECO PCB with short pins only

CFX or Proffie V2.2 Soundboard(both installed USB side up)

18650 Battery

Battery contact parts provided with all chassis orders

Brass micro tactile switch included with all chassis orders

28mm bass speaker

Part#3 will need to be glued onto outside of speaker after installation

Buyers can choose between three different kits

Chassis only option will include all 3 chassis parts, battery contacts, tactile switch only

Parts kit option will include all 3 chassis parts, choice of CFX or Proffie with preconfigured settings, and all required parts for installation listed above

Buyer is responsible for their own wiring and installation

Fully installed option will include all parts listed above preinstalled with either CFX or Proffie and ready to use on your saber

Please note this is a one button operation for both boards. Chassis has been modified to allow the switch plunger to sit fully into the switch hole of the hilt, you may opt to use your preferred form of adhesive to secure the switch plunger in so it doesn’t fall out

Part #1 is secured using the provided heatsink retention screw of the hilt

Part#2 is a press fit retention method using the pommel to press against the speaker spacer, however you may choose to tap a retention screw into the secondary switch hole behind the main switch hole on the hilt for added security

Please refer to your manual for proper wiring diagrams for DIY installation

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