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3D printed from black PLA + filament, this is a chassis for housing electronics to install a Magic of Myth Luke Hero hilt only, not compatible with other Hero hilts

Chassis consists of 6 different pieces

Part 1-chassis main body which holds the following parts: CFX, 18650 battery, ShtokCustomWork short pin PCB, high amp killswitch, 1.3mm RCP, and micro dean connector for speaker pod connection. Chassis also has pilot holes for 2mmx1mm magnets to help with speaker pod stabilization

Part 2-blade side PCB holder for grenade section. To be used with a blade side PCB from The Custom Saber Shop. When installed needs to be pushed all the way up into the grenade section of the hilt, wired in conjunction with part 4

Part 3-speaker pod holder uses the following parts. 28mm bass speaker and micro dean connector. Micro dean connector will be need to be sanded down using a sanding drum dremel attachment so that it sits flush with the speaker pod. Also has pilot holes for 2mmx1mm magnets

Part 4-emitter PCB holder is made to hold a ShtokCustomWorx short pin PCB, wired in conjunction with part 2

Part 5-control box holder for the following parts, two SPST tactile switches 6mmx6mmx2.5mm from The Custom Saber Shop and 3mm accent leds for arrow illumination

Part 6-cover plate for the center hole on Part 1 which is used to pass the battery through, this part is optional and not necessary for the install, can be secured in place with adhesive of choice

Complete parts list required for install:

1xCFX soundboard

2x ShtokCustomWork short pin PCB’s w/pins

1x blade side PCB

1x 18650 high amp discharge battery

1x 28mm bass speaker

1x high amp killswitch

1x 1.3mm recharge port

2x micro dean connectors

2x SPST red tactile switches

2x 3mm accent leds(red and green)

Some parts will need to be sanded down for proper fitment, also some small parts will require superglue or E6000 for security in the chassis, such as the killswitch, recharge port and micro dean connectors

This is a medium-hard level install based on your install ability

Buying options will include:

Chassis parts only

DIY package-Chassis plus parts package(minus CFX board)

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