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Mystery Saber Powdercoating available in 3 different tiers

Send in an eligible empty hilt for powdercoating, select your tier based on the desired number of colors, and receive back a completely custom new saber

After ordering I will send you a message here through the shop to confirm your order, the type of hilt, and any colors you DO NOT WANT. You will then be provided a shipping label to send in the hilt. Return shipping will be provided once the hilt is finished. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for order completion, although actual return time most likely will be shorter.

Please note that specific colors and layouts are not permittable. You give me free artistic freedom to create something unique for you. Types of hilt I will not powdercoat: -Canon/movie type hilts. This includes Graflexes, Vaders, Hero's or any other canon hilt. If you need clarification on your hilt type please send me a message before ordering -Installed hilts with any type of electronics.

Powdercoating requires the hilt to cured in an oven so electronics are not allowed. Any hilts sent in with electronics will be charged an automatic $25 removal fee and the parts will not be reinstalled into the hilt. I am not liable for any damage that may occur taking the electronics out.

-Pre powdercoated parts. Please make sure to only send in unfinished hilts. Hilts will not be accepted with pre existing powdercoating. No exceptions.

Tier System: Select your tier from the following options.

Tier 1: Single color only, this will be one color throughout the hilt or the entire hilt

Tier 2: Two colors, this will be two different colors used throughout the hilt

Tier 3: Three colors, this will be three different colors used throughout the hilt.

Buyers' note about certain powdercoating colors and how they will appear on different finishes of hilts. The original finish of the hilt will play a big factor in the final result of certain colors. If the surface of your hilt is scratched or damaged, that will show through on some colors such as transparent golds or coppers. I will do my best to work with your hilt and select the appropriate colors and types of powders for the job.

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