Saberforge Bane MK2 Chassis(CFX)


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Custom chassis designed specifically for the Saberforge Bane MK2. This is not designed or made to fit any other curved hilt intentionally

Chassis is 3D printed from black PLA + filament for maximum durability.

This chassis features a removable battery setup, not commonly seen on curved hilts. Available in CFX or Proffie version, this chassis includes battery contacts, USB Type-C extension cable adapter to allow USB port access near the pommel. Access to the board is possible but you will need to disassemble the hilt to do so

Speaker pod houses a 22mm Veco speaker, and is removable using male and female gold contact pins provided with the chassis. Each pin should be wired to its corresponding correct wire, two are for the speaker wires and one is for the battery positive tab

An optional crystal chamber attachment is available for those who wish to do their own grip section cutouts for an exposed crystal reveal

Install recommendations:
Dry fit the pin connectors into the holes prior to install and soldering. Due to printing tolerances, you may need to bore out the holes a bit for a snug fit. Please see pictures for suggested assembly of parts

Detailed description of each 'Chassis Package'
Note that all chassis packages will include the male and female connector pins and battery contacts by default

STYLE: Choose either CFX or Proffie depending on which board you will be installing(not included)

'Include USB Extension: Includes all chassis parts and USB port extension cable(recommended)
'No USB: Includes all chassis parts and does not include USB port extension cable(you will have to disassemble your hilt to access the board)
'USB, CC Add on': Includes all chassis parts, USB port extension cable and 3D printed Crystal Chamber add on for exposed crystal chamber reveal(you will need to do your own cutouts in the grip section of the hilt)
'No USB, CC Add on': Includes all chassis parts, does not include USB extension cable, includes Crystal Chamber add on

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