StuntCore Removable Chassis


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Fully removable stunt lightsaber setup
Chassis is 3D printed with 100% infill using black PLA+ filament for maximum durability
This is an inclusive product that can be used for any dueling saber with a 1” ID and a retention screw method
Fully installed chassis is made with choice of LED, removable 18650 battery and holder, and latching switch to turn on and off
Latching switch is located on the bottom of the chassis
Chassis outer diameter is just under 1” at 25.3mm
Simply press the switch to turn on the LED and slide the chassis in the saber either from the top or bottom, use a retention screw to secure in place

Please note that LED’s can get hot while in use, please be careful handling the heatsink holder when removing the chassis from the saber

Notes about custom LED options:
If choosing a custom LED color combination, the available colors are the list of colors shown in the options
Please note that all colors must be wired together so changing colors is not an option, please consider this when choosing colors
You must specify in an order note your desired color options, up to 3 colors

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing time as these are made to order

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