12mm Switch Plungers


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Switch plunger actuators designed for 12mm AV switch most commonly found on lightsaber hilts

Made from aluminum, these come in two finishes, standard machined finish and black anodized

Intended to assist with removable chassis electronic designs, these work best with any of the most recent removable chassis systems also here in other listings in the store. They can be used for any other lightsaber application where possible

Switch plunger mechanism is a 14mm OD at the widest part to accommodate the recessed area around most 12mm switch holes

Fully pressed in, these plungers have a low profile and are easy to press comfortably Depending on your specific hilt, some plungers may have a tighter fit than others

It is recommended to secure these with E6000 after final fitting to prevent them from coming out of your switch hole

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